TWEED 101 - Tweed is a rough, unfinished woollen fabric, of a soft, open, flexible texture, resembling cheviot or homespun, but more closely woven. It is made in either plain or twill weave and may have a check or herringbone pattern.

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Manning Up 101

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  1. Every man should own one made to measure suit. Or two.
  2. Worth the money: cashmere socks. Trust us.
  3. You should know how to sew on a button. Leave everything else to the professionals.
  4. Accessories should be accessories, not affectations. If you have to think too much about it, skip it.
  5. A pocket square should complement—not match—your tie. When in doubt, a white linen handkerchief always looks sharp.
  6. Every man should know how to tie a bow tie, even if your occasions to wear one are few and far between.
  7. Well-made shoes can have you covered for 10 years or more. Return the favor with shoe trees and a polish now and then.
  8. Narrow tie, small collar. Traditional tie, full size collar. Simple.
  9. Some things look better with age. White shirts are not those things.
  10. Yes, real men get manicures.
  11. The thinner the wallet, the better. Who wants to ruin the lines of your suit?
  12. Learn to layer. There’s no reason to have only one way to wear one piece. Practice makes perfect.
  13. You may get special treatment at the airport if you have beautiful luggage. And if you don’t get special treatment, you still have beautiful luggage.
  14. Yes, you can wear a turtleneck. Two words: Steve McQueen.
  15. Remember: come winter, your topcoat will be the first thing (and sometimes, the only thing) people see when they see you. Invest accordingly.



Reason No. 1: It’s masculine
The world’s most manly men (Tom Ford and David Beckham come to mind) are pretty much always in some sort of blazer, which is basically like an express ticket to Testosterone-ville. After all, the only reason people care about clothes in the first place is to attract other people so that they can take them off. 

Reason No. 2: It hides doughnuts and pizza
A formfitting blazer can create a completely new silhouette for your body - even if you’ve been skipping the gym. Whether it's love handles, a spare tire or flabby forearms, the clean lines of a blazer will instantly lean you out. 

Reason No. 3: It plays well with others
The blazer is one of the few items of clothing in a man’s wardrobe that can work with anything from black tie to a T-shirt. In short, the possibilities are endless. Of course, just any old blazer isn’t going to get you laid, drop 10 pounds or integrate seamlessly with a cummerbund. 

30 Men’s Fashion Tips That Make Women Take A Second Look

The 60’s were such elegant times for America, when men came to the office in those gorgeous slim-cut suits. It’s all back and I couldn’t be happier. There is nothing like a sharp dressed man. While not everything on my list will appeal to you I hope you can find one or two things to try.

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1. French Cuffs

A lot of men have misconceptions about cuff-links. Cuff-links are a statement. They are a beautiful added touch to a suit, sport coat, or even with jeans. It shows that you pay attention to detail. If you are wearing an expressive suit go for very subtle cuff links, like silver with your initials. When wearing something understated go for a bolder pair of cuff links with color or wear a pair that is an expression of your personality.

3. Argyle Socks

Argyle socks are just sexy. It shows you know how to put an outfit together with colors, which women know is rare in men.

3. Eye Glasses

Most men are self-conscience about glasses but you can find some great eye glasses that are sexy and inexpensive. I personally love the look of a man in a suit & glasses.

4. Cashmere Sweater

Have you ever felt a baby cashmere sweater? So soft and what woman doesn’t like soft & pretty? Cashmere sweaters are beautiful in the fall/winter and there are so many gorgeous colors to choose from. Try baby blue, red, or camel. Wear it with a collar dress shirt & jeans or under your sport coat.

5. Gingham Shirt

The blue & white gingham shirt is a classic-You can wear it with everything from jeans to wool trousers and even a suit. When wearing a tie the perfect look would be a classic silk knit tie.

6. Monogram

This is just another way of showing you pay attention to detail. A monogram shirt is just sexy. Instant curiosity about this man is what comes to mind. I see hundreds of men in suits & ties but only a handful with a monogram shirt. The typical place for a monogram on a men’s dress shirt is on the LEFT cuff. The reason for this is because the left hand is where most men wear their watch.

7. Corduroys

I love Corduroys. I just love the look. Again this is a rare look for men. Cords are sophisticated and sexy with a nice cashmere sweater or a sport coat. A casual look doesn’t have to be jeans, try some cords on the weekend.

8. Custom shirt

I have hundreds of clients that complain about the shirts they buy “off the rack.” I have hundreds of client’s who wear shirts that are so big I could make a second shirt out of all the extra fabric. The shirts are too big on the sides, the length is too long/short, the arms are too big, or the neck is too small. When buying a custom shirt we take unique measurements so the fit is perfect for your body. We have hundreds of fabrics & styles to choose from so you get the perfect color and style. Our prices are less than what you would buy from Nordstrom, Macy, and Jos. A Banks, Zegna, Ralph Lauren, Brooks Brothers, and Armani, and they are custom! Nothing is worse than seeing a man in beautiful clothes that do not fit him! I see it all day, every day! Size does matter.

9. Paisley Tie

Paisley is traditionally described as a teardrop or droplet shaped design that is Persian in origin. Paisley is a stunning patterning style that can blend many different colors and stitch work into the mix. The paisley print bears an air of dignity, class, and distinction that shows a smart style.

10. No pleats & No Cuff On Trousers

A flat front trouser streamlines the body and makes you appear thinner! More and more men are turning toward the fitted, straight leg, no pleats and no cuff style. This look is beautiful. Once you go “No pleats/No cuff” I promise you will never go back.

11. Watch

To be taken seriously, you must look serious and a nice watch is one visual indicator of your style. A watch is your finishing touch so make it nice & unique.

12. Loafers

These are probably something of an acquired taste, but I think they are among the most beautiful shoes ever crafted.

13. Brown Shoes & Brown Belt

One of the most overlooked areas of stylish dressing is the relationship between belts and shoes. The first point to make regarding belts and shoes is that you should not actually match them, they should compliment each other. They should work together visually but not match so closely that it looks like you purchased them as a set. The darker the shoe is the darker the belt should be. Chocolate brown shoes and a light brown belt are not advisable.

14. Performance Navy Blazer

What do GEORGE Clooney and GEORGE Armani have in common? They both understand the importance of the Performance Navy Blazer. In the Men’s clothing world, this blazer is making a dramatic comeback. The Performance Navy Blazer is back on as being one of, if not the most important components in any man’s wardrobe.

15. Haircut

Lot’s of bad haircuts out there guys. Sorry but true. Go through a magazine, pick out a haircut you like, bring it to your hairstylist/barber & say, “I want this!”

16. Travel Bag

I can’t tell you how many times I am in the airport or hotel and see the most awful travel bags. Do guys seriously need to carry a back pack? Or leather bags that are old, dull, and dirty? Or what about the guys who travel with their gym bag? Do they seriously not think anybody sees this? It’s the biggest thing you are carrying around. Please invest in a nice travel bag it speaks volumes. It is the finishing touch when traveling.

17. Slim Cut Suit

There are many different types of slim cut suits. My favorite is called the Wall Street. The sport coat has 2 buttons, Flap pockets, Notch Lapel and center vent. The trousers are Euro which sits narrow in the seat and thigh and has no pleats and no cuff.

18. Sunglasses

Ah, Sunglasses!! When searching for the right pair it is important to make sure the style goes with the style of clothing you are wearing and make sure the color matches your skin tone. Dolce & Gabbana and Prada are rather flashy, so you may want to try a little more casual look like Ray-Ban. It’s not the price that matters but how well they suit you.

19. Hands

Unless you are in construction or work a job that requires wear and tear on your hands there is no reason your hands shouldn’t look nice. I am not a big fan of manicures (shiny nails) on men. Just put on lotion and keep your finger nails clean. Your hands can look 10 years younger with lotion on them. Trust me women notice!

20. Jeans

You have heard of “Mom jeans” well there are lot’s of men wearing “Dad jeans” as well. Invest in a nice pair of Denim. My favorite is Raw Selvage Denim. I swear they have something magical in these jeans that gives every man that wears them the perfect butt.

21. Polished Shoes

Did you know that one of the first things BOTH men and women notice about you are your shoes? “You never get a second chance to make a first impression” very well may have been describing what people think as they evaluate the condition of your footwear. Why do you think “well heeled” means “wealthy”? Always shine your shoes when you first buy them and before you wear them, then on a regular basis.

22. Scarf

It’s amazing to me how many men do not wear scarves. A scarf completes your outfit and makes it easy to update your look or change the look of an outfit. One or two tweaks are all it takes to reach another level. A beautiful scarf is sexy.

23. Top Coat

You clothes are like your car, like it or not, they are a symbol of your status. A wool coat is stylish without trying too hard and it can go with any look.

24. Pocket Square

Simply wearing a pocket square in the pocket of a nice shirt jacket turns the entire ensemble from perfectly fine to superbly refined.

25. Sport Coat, Jeans & Cuff Links

A nice sport coat with cuff links & jeans is my all time favorite look. There is something so sexy about a man dressed in jeans and cuff links. It’s just that little extra “something” that makes him stand out from the rest.

26. Contrast Collar & Cuffs

Contrast collar & cuffs is a dress shirt that has a different pattern on the inside of the cuffs & inside of the collar. I love this look because you can wear it to the office and after work you take your tie off, turn the cuff up on your sleeve, and open a button on the collar and you have an entirely different shirt.

27. Belt

A lot of guys think a belt is like that old pair of socks that you love so much. They just keep wearing it until it breaks. Your belt is like your shoes. Should be shiny & look new. 

28. Tie Bar

A tie bar is a piece of tie jewelry which slides across the middle section of your tie and attaches to your shirt. Tie bars are available in a variety of styles to compliment the necktie of your choice.

29. Smile

A smile goes a long way & it is amazing to me how many people walk around all day & do not smile. It’s OK to look at someone, say hi, & smile. Wear a smile.. it could be your best accessory.

30. Wedding Ring

Since the subject here is what makes women take a second look I thought this was rather appropriate since we do notice the wedding ring!

How To Pull Off A Plaid Suit

An old-school look is getting the new-school treatment. Yes, thanks to the visionary efforts of some truly “mad men,” the plaid suit has found a new place in the annuals of today’s sharpest dressers. It’s a suit that, when worn properly, has an almost vintage elegance; the re-envisioned plaid suit comes across as erudite with hints of unexpected traditionalism. However, that’s not to say it can automatically put you at the head of the class. Without the proper know-how, a plaid suit could just make it look like you’re playing office in grandpa’s suit. We wouldn’t want that to happen, so here’s a brief primer on how to pull off a plaid suit.


What is a plaid suit?

When guys hear “plaid,” most think “kilt.” That’s not what we’re talking about. In contemporary menswear terms, “plaid” refers to three individual fabric patterns that create interesting depth in the aesthetic of the suit: windowpane, glen plaid and Prince of Wales. The windowpane suit has both horizontal and vertical pinstripes that intersect to make boxes; the glen plaid is a tight twill pattern of broken checks; and the Prince of Wales is actually a glen plaid on a windowpane scale.

When to wear a plaid suit?

When it comes to the workday, the plaid suit is super-sartorial. It has a dapper, alt-executive demeanor that pulls a 180 on the solid suit: It has a modish appeal that makes a solid seem outmoded and dull. The plaid suit owns distinctive style and eminent versatility. The individual components can be worn separately to more relaxed, stylish events. For instance, pair a bold-plaid blazer with jeans for your next date to impress her with your outside-the-box abilities.

How to wear a plaid suit?

The plaid suit presents you with many options. For the truly sophisticated, the patterning should be very subtle; trendier looks can be derived from bolder patterns. And since it does suffer from an old-timer stigma, the fit should be closely tailored in order to pull off a plaid suit. In fact, it’s the fitted tailoring that allows this particular style of suit to transition from retro to royal.

Ways to wear a plaid suit?

  • Windowpane: Here the pattern is straightforward and what you see is what you get. So, the best choice is to go “two for three” with patterns. Those with more fashion sense can probably pull together three patterns with a fair amount of ease though.
  • Glen Plaid: The pattern in a glen plaid is much more subdued; you can always play it safe by wearing a solid shirt and a patterned tie or you can experiment with three patterns: Consider a striped or lightly checked shirt with a patterned tie.
  • Prince of Wales: The intricate patterning and bolder lines running through a Prince of Wales plaid are more noticeable. The smart choice is always playing it safe: Go with the solid shirt and the patterned tie. Let the suit speak for itself in this instance.

Why wear a plaid suit?

It’s an unexpected alternative to the everyday dress code. The look is presently enjoying a modish revival that lands outside old routines. In a plaid suit, a man looks dapper, demanding and distinguished.