Suit Canvas

Today a client came in to get measured for his first custom tailored suit. We always ask our clients to do research on style, fabrics, before they come in. Bring in pictures or web links of whatever they like and don't like. So, we started talking about the way we construct a suit and what goes inside every jacket we make. 

Canvas. What's that? Canvas is a layer of cloth that goes between the outer fabric and inner silk lining. Canvas is responsible for the shape of your jacket. That's what keeps your suit jacket in shape. It is the most important feature of any suit. 

A proper hand stitched jacket is always canvassed by hand. Our tailors use a real piece of wool & mohair based canvas. It does take forever but the outcome is something you will always be pleased with. You will notice that your jacket will move freely and without resistance. It will also fall perfectly on your body. 

A lot of our competition choses to go for fused jacket. Why? Its cheaper and quicker. And, remember seeing bubbles on your suit jacket you got a while back? It was fused. That's right.

So, next time you are shopping for suits, ask about the way the suit's been constructed. We give you all these special features at absolutely no extra cost. We are here to make sure that you get more than what you are paying for. We are here to make you feel like a million dollar man every time you put our suit on. Of course, our competition hates us for spoiling our clients but after all, we are born to do that